About Smith Happens

Welcome to Smith Happens!

I started this blog as a way to document/share our adventures with our friends and family. This blog also contains musings and ramblings from my experiences with everyday occurrences such as spending time with my kitties, living as a lactose-intolerant individual, exploring my minimalist philosophy, and small-space living. Essentially, I write about the things that interest me.  :)  

A word on privacy, particularly for my friends and family: Given that I blog about my life and it's posted on the internet, I am well aware that once something is posted it is available for all sorts of people to see. That being said, I will not be revealing places of employment or other people's names (unless I receive permission first!). I ask that you do not include this information in your comments as well as I will delete/edit out this information. Otherwise, commenting is open to all who visit my blog!

All of the pictures and videos on this blog were created by me, unless specifically credited to someone else. If you would like to use one of my pictures or videos, please include credit (AKahlSmith) and a link to my blog (www.smithhappens.org).

Many of my posts contain links to products I use, interesting sources of information, and the like. I include the links as a way of citing where some of my information comes from or where you can learn more about a particular product or service that we use. These are my personal opinions about these products and in no way do I profit from your use of the links.

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