Friday, August 10, 2018

my week in photos

For the month of July, I'm using the prompts from the CY365 July Photo Challenge. As usual, these are the photos that mostly didn't make it to my Instagram account. A lot of my regular photo taking got derailed while my niece was visiting. Next week, I'll focus more on the prompts.

29. The real me: Here I am making pancakes... again. At least I knew breakfast or lunch would be peaceful at least once per day.

30. Currently loving: I've got nothing for this prompt.

31. What's for dinner? Yup, I made her a cheese quesadilla and mashed potatoes for dinner one night.

1. Harvest: I've got nothing

2. Sentimental: I've got nothing

3. Where I stand: I've not nothing

4. Summer: What says "summer" better than a kid eating a chocolate ice cream cone?!

How did your week go? Did you pick up your camera as much as you hoped?

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