Friday, July 20, 2018

my week in photos

For the month of July, I'm using the prompts from the CY365 July Photo Challenge. As usual, these are the photos that mostly didn't make it to my Instagram account. We were in Alaska for this entire week.

8. Focused: I went on a photo walk with my mom-in-law late one night to show her how I do macro photography. I'm still learning how to use my iPhone to create the best photos that I can. In this picture, I used the "lock focus" setting to make the background blurrier than usual.

9. Multiple: I really wanted to make sure that I got to see some Alaska wildlife while we were there, but safety first. Mr. Smith and I decided to go to the zoo where we got to see bears of all shapes and sizes (including a couple of cubs). These two brown bears were a hoot. Neither wanted to be by the other. They reminded me of siblings on a cross-country roadtrip.

10. Attitude: My mom-in-law has the absolute best attitude of anyone I know. She always finds the silver lining in any situation.

11. Selective: These peonies were begging to be photographed. I love the little hairy details.

12. Relax: We stayed exclusively at AirBnBs for this trip. While I was hoping to relax quite a bit at this cabin, spotty wifi and a less than stellar space heater made for an interesting night. At least the shower was HOT!

13. Contained: This otter decided to make the most of a sunny day. I like his way of thinking.

14. Prompt-free: You always need the right tools to solve problems.

How did your week go?

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