Friday, July 13, 2018

my week in photos

For the month of July, I'm using the prompts from the CY365 July Photo Challenge. As usual, these are the photos that mostly didn't make it to my Instagram account.

1. Self-portrait: I've been spending more time on my balcony in the morning sipping coffee and reading.

2. Currently loving: Let's be honest here, I'm always "currently loving" Sisko.

3. A drink or two!: I broke down and bought an iced tea while waiting for a fight. I felt super fancy saying "no straw" and pulling my stainless steel straw out of my purse.

4. Chill out: I drop my keys A LOT and this time the chaos gods decided that I needed one more thing to deal with. Thankfully, I was able to get it back together with minimul fuss.

5. Pasttime: Mr. Smith playing a game while waiting to board our plane.

6. Where I stand: Getting ready hop on that super small plane. 

7. Cooking: I didn't cook much while we vacationed, but doesn't this dairy-free breakfast look divine?

How did your week go?

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