Monday, June 11, 2018

The Smiths Relocated

As usual, big things are happening in Smith Land and I neglected to write about it.

Back in April, Mr. Smith got a new job in Denver, Colorado and we jumped at the opportunity for a new adventure.

Being the daredevils that we are, we spent a week researching new apartments online and rented one sight unseen. Our theory is that if other people are willing to live in an apartment complex, how bad could it really be? Plus, we could just move at the end of our lease or pay the break the lease if it really is that bad.

Normally when moving, we make a plan and stick with it. However, this time things were a bit more flexible than I'm used to. Our first plan was for Mr. Smith to pack up the car and fur-kids and head out to Colorado on his own. I had a bunch of appointments scheduled for the first week of June and it made sense (to us at the time) for me to stay behind. Moving our belongings would have consisted of using a pod or box to ship everything. After looking over pricing options for shipping, that plan was nixed. We also considered sending Mr. Smith out with the fur-kids and I would follow with a moving truck and accompanied by a friend. Again, the price of the moving truck was too high. With both methods, the cost to move our stuff was much higher than the overall value of our stuff.

We finally settled on adding a tow hitch to our Subaru and towing a tiny trailer with our stuff. The maximum cargo that our car can safely move is 900 pounds. This includes the people, animals, trailer, and the stuff in the trailer. When it was all tallied up, we were able to pack about 250 pounds of stuff into the trailer. We ended up selling, donating, and giving away A LOT. Even with so little stuff, we had movers load the trailer for us. I highly recommend it!

The drive took us 24 hours spread out over three days. Since we were towing, our maximum speed was about 60 mph! We turned on "avoid highways" on the GPS and did what we were told. Siri decided to "accept our challenge" and gave us a couple of dirt roads in Missouri, but it worked out. Thankfully, both Sisko and Scooter were game for an adventure. Sisko rode in his car seat and spent a lot of time looking out the window, while Scooter rode in his carrier in the hatch (to keep him flat) and only occasionally reminded us that he was back there.

Once we got to the apartment complex, our movers met us to unload the trailer and I began the process of settling into our new home and acquiring new places to sit.

The moral of the story is to be ready to go with the flow and jump headfirst into new adventures. We're looking forward to exploring our new digs and making a life for ourselves here.

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