Friday, June 15, 2018

My Week in Photos

I'm getting back to posting my pictures that (mostly) didn't make it to Instagram.

1. Since moving to Denver, we have been spending one weekend morning each week playing with a good friend's kids at the Dino Park at the mall. We get there before the mall opens and pandemonium ensues. While Mr. Smith and I don't have children, it is always fun to hang out and get to know some of the kiddos in our life.

2. Our living room is coming together. With the exception of the gray couch (in the foreground), we bought the living room furniture from people through Facebook Marketplace. I like it much more than Craigslist because actual names and faces are attached to listings and I feel less like one or both of us is going to be axe-murdered during the transaction. I'm still trying to figure out how to make Sisko's "den" stand out less. 

3. I mentioned that one of the reasons for me to move after Mr. Smith was that I had a bunch of appointments scheduled for the first week of June. Rather than canceling them and immediately finding new doctors (and let's face it, finding new doctors can be a pain in the butt), I decided to fly back for the week. The added bonus was that I got to go to my sister's high school graduation. I'm so proud of this little nugget and continue to be impressed by her maturity and grace.

4. While I was in town, I got to meet up with a number of friends and colleagues. It was good to see a few people I didn't have a chance to see before heading to Colorado and to keep the lines of communication open with others. It was hard to not gush about how awesome our new home.

5. I have been on a mission to try all of the local taco places. On the day I got back home, Mr. Smith decided that dinner out was in order. We went to a new-to-us taco place near our friend's house since we had plans with them that evening. I got the tofu taco and the friend pork belly taco. While I'm not vegan, I try to order the vegan thing on the menu when I can to encourage restaurants to keep such offering available since I am allergic to dairy. The tofu taco was just okay. The tofu was cut into rather large pieces and wasn't fried enough to be crispy. The pork belly taco, on the other hand, was super tasty with the sweat pineapple salsa pairing nicely.

How did your week go?

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