Saturday, August 5, 2017

Smith Land 2017 Update

My last post was about 2.5 years ago. Holy cow! Where has the time gone? I sort of forgot that I have a blog, but I'm back. There will probably be a few updates to the site as I go through old posts and update things.

What have I been doing for two years?

The short answer: A Lot!

The long answer: I got a job, bought a house in the middle of nowhere, dealt with some medical stuff, sold the city house, finished the PhD, listed the country house for sale, and moved back to the city. In between there were many trips and visits.

Where is the blog going from here?

With the move back to the city, I plan to write more about our adventures in tiny-space living, minimal mindfulness, our journey towards financial independence, and day-to-day observations. 

I'm leaving my work out of the blog. I very much enjoy the work that I do, but this isn't the place for me to talk about it. Mr. Smith and I hope to remain fairly anonymous online. Readers who know us personally will understand.

More to come in the near future!

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  1. Imagine my delight to see a blog post from you! I cannot wait to hear about city life, especially all the yummy things I know you eat downtown. Please post photos with your posts. Go now and live a city life!