Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Work on Your Project (aka DIY Penny Tray)

Assignment #9 was to work on my selected project -- my DIY penny tray for the living room. My first task was to order the supplies needed to complete the project. It took a few days for everything to get here, but now we're ready to get started.

I forgot to take a picture of all of the supplies together.  The supplies for this project included: 209 pennies, one tray, one sponge brush, wood stain, epoxy, and clear coat spray. I must say that the bank teller gave me a funny look when I asked for four rolls of pennies. Thankfully, she didn't ask what I needed them for. Meanwhile, hubby commented on the fact that this project was supposed to reduce the number of pennies in the house. I had forgotten that we donated all of our pennies to one of his work charity fundraisers. That's what I get for trying to do the right thing. 

Next, I stained the tray. It only took one coat of stain to achieve the color I was looking for. We have some leftover stain from the door finishing project in a color that I'm fond of so this didn't add to cost. After waiting eight hours, I sealed the entire tray with a clear coat spray.

Pre-epoxy tray
When I started arranging my pennies I found that all of the pennies from the rolls were brand new. Since it took more than $2 to cover the bottom (209 pennies to be exact), I had to carefully mix in the darker, used pennies.  Then, I mixed the epoxy and carefully poured it into the tray. Be extra careful with this stuff. It was extremely sticky. The epoxy took 24 hours to cure.

Finished penny tray
Total Cost: $27.62

The cost breakdown is as follows:
  • Pennies: $2.09
  • Epoxy: $13.93
  • Foam brush: $0.21
  • Tray: $3.42
  • Clear coat spray: $7.97
I really like how this tray turned out. It fits in nicely with our living room style and adds a much needed flat surface for holding drinks and snacks. I have four trays left and I need to think about what I want to do with them. Strangely enough, Apartment Therapy just ran an article about how to control clutter with trays. It's almost like they are watching me.