Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fresh from the Garden

While we were away on vacation, hubby and I decided to let the garden fend for itself. The worst we figured that could happen is that there would be a sudden dry spell and everything would whiter and die.  Pretty dire, but at most we would be out the cost of the seeds. Truth be told, I have only needed to water the garden three times this whole summer since we have had so much rain. After a week of vacationing, we were rewarded with the beginnings of some tasty vegetables.

This baby winter squash made it appearance a few days ago.

I noticed the beginnings of a pumpkin yesterday.

Our tomatoes are still ripening. At last count, there were 15 tomatoes on this bush.

Our lone egg plant.
Our lettuce bolted while were away. When lettuce goes to flower it turns bitter and is not super tasty anymore. I plan on planting fresh lettuce in the fall when it is a bit cooler. Next on the gardening agenda is taming the squash.  It is sprawling outside of the fence and in danger of being accidentally stepped on or mowed.

Best wishes!

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