Friday, June 20, 2014

The Little Garden that Could

Hubby and I took our first stab at gardening this year. While there has been some trial and error, we've already been able to eat some of the veggies of our labors. (See what I did there?)

Baby tomatoes are starting to grow

Eggplant is in the works

Baby peppers

Cantaloupe, Squash, and Broccoli... oh my!

Lettuce and Carrots -- Almost a whole salad

Snap peas growing up the trellis
Slowly, but surely things have started to come in. I am excited for what the next few months will bring us. At this point, though, I have learned one major lesson: Space Out Your Plants!  I didn't leave enough space between all of my veggies to grow and I've needed to be extra diligent about pruning.

Best wishes!

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