Sunday, June 1, 2014

For the love of lettuce

Thursday, May 29, 2014: Which food do you eat but only endure and not enjoy?

Lettuce is one of my least favorite foods. I find that it doesn't usually have much flavor, gets slimy too quickly, and doesn't fill me up for more than an hour or so. However, I do enjoy eating salads with lots of other veggies, so lettuce is a staple in my diet.

On the upside, we recently started gardening and lettuce is one of the few vegetables that I seem to be able to grow with little fuss. Below is a picture of our backyard garden.

I like to call it our portable garden since everything in it can be relocated to our new home when we eventually move.  So far I have managed to not kill three kinds of tomatoes, an eggplant, several types of squash, sweet peas, spinach, carrots, and two types of lettuce. Most of the garden was started from plants, but we did start the squash from seeds. As the summer progresses I'll post more pictures.

Now back to the lettuce. We have "salad bowl" lettuce and a heartier "head" lettuce.  The salad bowl lettuce tastes really yummy in wraps and on sandwiches, but it is really tender and does not seem to hold up well to salad dressing and veggies. The "head" lettuce, on the other hand, is great for salads. Both taste better than any lettuce I've ever bought from the store. Truth be told, growing lettuce, carrots, and spinach in pots (or containers) doesn't take up much space and could easily be done on a small patio.

Best wishes!

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