Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another family addition

A few months ago I found out that my brother and his wife, D and J, are expecting a baby in late November. I am so excited to be an Aunt again. I am already the aunt to two wonderful boys from my other brother and his wife, R and M. (Yes, I have a few brothers. This is where not using names gets tough.) As soon as I found out, I set out to start a couple new crochet projects -- a baby blanket and a basket with washcloths and toys. The baby blanket is still in the works, but I thought I would talk about the basket of goodies.

You might remember the oops I made with Sisko's crocheted dog bed a few weeks ago. I have already found a home for the basket that resulted from that mistake as my yarn and hook corral, but I plan on using the pattern to make a basket for the goodies that I'm working on. I like the idea of an entirely crocheted gift that can be re-purposed as he/she gets older.  

Sample washcloth for me.
The second component of the basket is the pile of washcloths. I don't have kids, but I do remember going through quite a few washcloths when my sister was born. They are great for giving baths, wiping up quick spills, etc... I found a pattern for a granny square washcloth (here) that uses Lily Sugar'n Cream (available here). I was able to crochet a sample washcloth in about an hour, so this is a quick way for me to get a couple of washcloths.  I am going to keep the sample for me since I plan on making a few modifications for the final product, namely using a smaller hook since I crocheted the sample very loosely. I made three other washcloths with a different pattern. I like how these came out with a super soft texture and very cute.

Gender neutral washcloths
The next part of the project will be to figure out which toy(s) I am going to make and to make a basket to hold it all. I am excited to see this project through until the end.

Best wishes!


  1. I love the pretty washcloths! Crocheted washcloths are the BEST in the kitchen. Do you use them?

    1. I'm still making some for the baby gift, but then I'll make a few for us.