Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Eating Unhealthy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014: What makes you eat something unhealthy?

When it comes down to it there are a few things that might motivate me to eat something unhealthy such as my mood and how close we are to grocery day.

I am much more likely to eat unhealthy if I am in a bad mood or had a particularly trying day. I've noticed that I crave carbs most often when I'm unhappy or stressed out. For example, the week leading up to finals week is always a bad eating week in Smith Land. This is normally the result of a confluence of events. Hubby almost always seems to have an exam around finals time, so he is a bit stressed. Both of us are abnormally busy with work and study and neither of us "has it in us" to cook. This normally results in us ordering in pizza or Chinese food.

The other major thing that affects whether I am going to eat healthy is the proximity to grocery day. The closer we get to grocery day the more likely we are running out of things and the more likely that nothing in our pantry is going to sound appetizing. Again, the typical solution to "nothing sounding good" is ordering in. Thankfully, hubby and I are pretty good about keeping the fridge stocked with ready-to-eat snacks, so this doesn't happen often.

Finally, I eat unhealthy things as a reward for surviving tough days. I commute 1.5 hours to school twice a week. This means that I have to deal with crazy highway drivers and the weather for 6 hours a week. Depending on the traffic, my drive can either be very pleasant or extraordinarily ugly. The more trying the drive is the more likely I am to want some ice cream. Also, it isn't uncommon for me to have a glass of wine or a beer to unwind at the end of the day. Of course studies have shown the health benefits of wine, but I am pretty sure that neither are actually healthy for me. That being said, my relaxed state of mind after a sweet treat or an adult beverage is well worth the exchange.

I have an emotional connection to my food. Often, just cooking dinner or baking something special is enough to change my perspective. I find it to be relaxing to chop veggies, give the mixer a whirl, or dig into some dough with my bare hands. Unfortunately, the busier I am, the more likely I am to push cooking to the wayside in favor of doing more work. This year of dissertating will hopefully help me to balance my work and life with room for creating academically strong work and room for creating a balanced home.

How do you unwind at the end of a tough day?


  1. I try to cook up enough chicken or some kind of pork on Sunday that we can stuff in to tortillas on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Everything is better in a tortilla, right? In the summer, I make a big salad on Sunday and we'll eat that the rest of the week. Friday nights are for eating out, mostly.

    Unwinding when I get home requires a fresh cup of coffee. It doesn't seem to keep me from sleeping so I go for it.

    1. I envy your ability to drink coffee in the afternoon. If I drink coffee after 5PM or so I have a tough time getting to sleep that night. Ugh, it didn't use to be that way.

      We've gotten to where we'll make a protein on Sunday and put that on top of lettuce for the rest of the week. I'm totally with you on tortillas though! They make everything so much better.