Friday, May 16, 2014

Eating Out

Thursday, May 15, 2014: How often do you eat a meal from a restaurant? How do you decide when to cook or when to eat out?

Hubby and I usually eat out once a week. Both of us enjoy spending some quality time together sans fur-kids and going out to eat is a relaxing way to do it. In the past, we would schedule "date nights" for each week that meshed with out schedules. We're much less structured about it now since hubby is working full-time and my schedule is my own.

Deciding on when to cook at home or when to eat out depends on a few things. First, there is the time factor. If we are pressed for time we're more likely to eat in so that we can be on our own schedule, but if we aren't on a schedule might decide to eat out. Second, is either of us craving anything in particular? If I am craving Mexican food, we're heading out to our favorite restaurant. The same goes for if hubby is craving Thai food. I'm a pretty solid cook, but my forte is in Southern food. I've tried to cook Mexican and Thai at home with limited success. Finally, how are we feeling financially? Hubby and I are pretty frugal folks and we like to conserve our financial resources. Eating out is usually a treat for us and we want to keep it that way.

There you have it about how we decide to eat out. How about you?

Best wishes!  

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