Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good-bye Mr. Memnoch

On Saturday, Hubby and I went down to my mom's house so that we could be there for Memnoch's appointment. Memnoch was our family's 14 year old cat and it was time to say our good-byes. In recent months, Memnoch had been diagnosed with polyps in both of his ears. The vet said that they could remove them and seal his ear canal shut, thus rendering Memnoch deaf, or we would could try to treat him with antibiotics. We opted for the latter.  The thought of taking away his hearing at such an advanced age just seemed cruel. Unfortunately, the antibiotics did not work and Memnoch was showing signs of being in much pain. We made the decision to put him down when I could be there.

Memnoch was a special cat. My mom and I adopted him from the humane society when I was 17 years old. I fell in love with my kitty's green eyes and extra-large personality. This was a cat that loved to play fetch, showed his love by leaving "presents" by the front door, and was fond of headbutting his people. Even though he didn't live with me all of the time, he was always my cat. He would greet me when I came to visit at Mom's and seemed to enjoy my company. 

Memnoch was one of the few constants in my early adult life. When I built my first house, I made sure to pick door handles that he could work. He even had his own bathroom in that house. When I went to college, he lived with my mom, but was always ready for a visit. He was a real trooper when it came to living with my mom's three big dogs. He hated his little brother and was more than happy to agree to living with my mom full-time in exchange for his pesky sister and brother leaving (Cali and Scooter). 

I know that we made the right decision. I just didn't expect it to hurt as much as it does. In some ways, Memnoch's passing is the end of an era. I recently turned 30 and while he was a constant of my twenties, perhaps it is fitting that he went now. I'm in a better place as an adult and I don't seem to need his reassuring presence as much. In the end, he was my cat. I know that he's at peace now.

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