Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Cure: Picking a Project

After completing the task for Monday, "The Cure: 10 Mindful Minutes," you would think that picking a project to complete by the end of the month would be simple because I could pick something to change in the office, but then you would be wrong.  The lovely people over at Apartment Therapy decided to add a few criteria for the chosen project.  The project must be:

  • able to be completed in a few focused hours this month,
  • make a noticeable difference, and
  • be something that we'll want to share.
I am adding the requirement that the chosen project must use the supplies that I have at home since I committed to a "no spending" challenge with hubby for the first six months of the year.  (More on that in a different post.)  Combining these four criteria into a single project is going to be tough.

I think that I am going to complete the paint prepping in the office this month which will include caulking all of the seams in the trim, removing the old and exposed telephone wiring, and patching the holes in the walls.  Prepping the office for paint is definitely something that I can accomplish in small chunks of time throughout the month.  I'm already in the habit of keeping the plaster patch and wood filler handy so that I can patch areas as I notice them.  You would be amazed at how much you see when you really aren't looking!  

Completing the painting preparations will make a noticeable difference in the office since I'll be able so see all of the patching.  Caulking the seams will be the least noticeable, but I'll be happy know that the random extra spaces are gone.

As far as sharing the completed work, I'll be sure to post a photo prior to painting the room.  The saving grace is that none of the existing holes and scuff marks are from us.  Like I've said before, most of the work is to restore our home to its original glory and fix the mistakes of the past.  Living in an 84 year old home, you're bound to have some wear and tear.

Finally, I already have all of the supplies that I need to complete the paint prep.  These are mostly left over from painting the downstairs.  The only thing that I'm truly missing is the actual paint, but buying it can wait until the room is ready.  More to come at the end of the month!

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