Monday, January 6, 2014

The Cure: 10 Mindful Minutes

After mopping the vast majority of the house -- the bedroom will have to wait a bit longer -- today's task seemed like a walk in the park... or so I thought.  Today we were tasked with sitting in a single space for ten minutes and imagining what needs to be changed, added, deleted, or some combination of the three to make the most of the space.  I choose to sit in our office since that is where I spend most of my time.  When we moved into the house we decided to make the larger room the office and the smaller room the bedroom.  We don't spend much time in our bedroom, so it make the most sense to have the room with the best light and most space be the office.  The picture below is what I stared at for ten very long minutes.

This space just doesn't speak to me or inspire me.  Both of which are problematic since I will be writing my dissertation in this room.  Nothing say 365 days of irritation and frustration like a room that makes you want to be somewhere else.  I immediately identified a few of the problems with the room.

First, the room is white.  I am not a fan of white walls.  They make me feel like I am in a sterile, institutional environment, which is is the last thing I need.  After staring into space at our space photos for a while, it hit me that our color inspiration for the room should come from them.  I'm thinking about painting the room an energizing electric blue.  In order for me to paint, I'll have to prep the room.  Luckily, that's already on my 'projects' list from before.

Second, there is only one desk.  While hubby and I have made do with one desktop since the untimely demise of my laptop almost a year ago, we finally broke down and purchased a second desktop.  We are gamers and it's really difficult to play a computer game together when there is only one computer.  Plus, I tend to monopolize the computer during the semester.  I'm thinking about buying another desk that matches the one we already own and placing them both on the same wall.  Visually, it will look like one really long desk.  Placing the printer on the table between the two desks will make it accessible for both of us.

Sitting in the room and really thinking about its function and what could be done to make it better helped me to find the inspiration I needed to move forward in here.  To be continued...

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