Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"New" Desk Out of "Old" Stuff

Until yesterday I was in the market for a new desk. Hubby and I had bought a new desktop for me when sharing a desktop became untenable. Having both desktops on the same desk, while great because we can sit next to each other while gaming, ate up all of the work space for piling books and writing. So, we decided that another desk was in order, but given the cold temperatures here in the Midwest neither of us wanted to venture out to buy one.  Not to mention our no spending challenge for the first half of 2014.

Commander Sisko rocking his booties
At the beginning of the year, hubby and I decided that we wouldn't spend any additional money for the first six months of the year.  We have slipped a few times with new things for the dog, but felt that the cold weather definitely justified booties. The main point of the challenge is for us to use the things we have to solve problems. Also, we have enough house project stuff to keep us busy until the summer. Like many people, I'm really good at starting projects and getting them 90 percent done, but the push for the last 10 percent is tough. Without buying new project supplies, I'm forced to finish what I started. But I digress...

One of my "Cure" projects that I identified for the January Cure was to address the office.  I spend most of my awake hours in it and I want it to be a space that I enjoy coming to. No one really wants to dread going to work and if I can make my office warm and welcoming perhaps I'll actually finish the dissertation in a timely manner.  I do a lot of writing by hand because it helps me to focus on the task at hand instead of getting distracted by the internet and I like to spread out my books and materials while I'm working.  Enter the desk problem.

One of the first projects we tackled when we moved into the house was removing the upper cabinets from the kitchen and installing open shelving. All of the upper cabinets were relegated to the basement without a plan for them. We also had some left over shelving from when we lived in the apartment. Combining two leftover cabinets and the shelf made a perfect writing space and provided much needed book storage.

I'm really glad that we were able to solve our dilemma without resorting to yet another Ikea trip. I think I'll paint the cabinets at some point, but otherwise this is a functional solution to our problem.


  1. Is there space for your legs???? I LOVE how you placed your writing area in front of the window so you can get some light in your life. I am inspired to move my office around a bit now. I will have to try a before and after pic to show you.

    P.S. I bought two rugs at Costco last weekend as I needed them badly. Beyond that, I bought a couple of sweaters while thrift shopping with Nancy while she visited. A little fallen off the wagon but not bad. February is here now and I think I can get through it without new purchases ... maybe. It's a goal!!! Plus more minimizing...

    1. Yes, my legs fit! That was the first thing we checked before gluing the shelf down. We have several sizes of cabinets and hubby was kind enough to drag them all upstairs so I could figure out which two to use for the project.

      Hubby indulges me quite often when it comes to rearranging the furniture. Since moving to the house in September, we have rearranged the office four times. I think the most recent change might be the *one* though. I can't wait to see your before and after pics!

      February is looking good so far on our spending challenge. Plus, it's a short month! Love you!