Monday, October 21, 2013

Serial Killer Red

I am a huge fan of color.  Nothing me makes me more crazy than the idea of being surround by white walls.  That being said, the original color of our dining room had much to be desired.  I kid you not, the color was somewhere between serial killer red and arterial blood spray (see for yourself below).  I know that these are pretty graphic descriptions of the paint color, but it is what it is.  Some people might even like the red, but luckily for me those people don't live in my house.

Hubby was a little sad to see the red go.  He said that it had grown on him, but was willing to change it to make me happy.  Unfortunately, I had no idea about what color to paint the room.  I knew the living room would someday be a shade of gray and that the kitchen would be gray or purple, so I needed a color that would work well between them and still be able to stand on its own.

One thing that I've learned about painting throughout the years -- mind you I had a sea foam green bedroom as a kid -- is that you cannot trust the itty bitty paint chip that you get from the store.  Inevitably the color on the chip and the color on your wall will be nothing similar.  So, we bought a few samples from the paint store and tried them out.  The color on the left is "city retreat,"  in the middle is "autumn harvest," and on the right is "pewter mug."  I really thought that I would like "city retreat" in the downstairs, but it is a bit a too close to white and doesn't inspire me.  The dining room ended up "autumn harvest" with the kitchen and living room getting "pewter mug."

Personally, I would have never chosen to paint a room orange, but at hubby's suggestion we bought the sample and it actually worked out really well.

I did learn a few new things along the way.  First, always primer over the old color when you're making big changes.  I had asked the lovely paint people about it because I wasn't sure and they assured me that the primer in the paint would do the job.  I think that they just wanted me to buy more paint because it took three gallons to get the job done.  Second, always take the time to check out every nook and cranny on the wall.  I patched so many tiny holes and even dug out a few old toggle bolts while getting ready to paint.  I now know why they sell plaster patch in three pound tubs.

We aren't quite done with the room yet, but it is certainly on its way.  The next step is to finish painting the trim and crown molding.  This has been a bit of a process on its own because I had to go through and seal all of the nail holes and sand.  Then I'll need to caulk the seams.  Finally, I'll get to repaint.  But it'll all be worth it in the end.


  1. It is very attractive! Very cheerful!

    1. Thanks, Mom! Hubby did a great job picking out the color.