Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Insurance demands

Home-ownership is definitely an adventure.  Everyday I learn new things about our home and am learning to love it more and more.  Earlier in the week we got a voice mail, email, and snail mail message from our homeowners insurance provider about some updates that we need to do in order to keep our insurance.  (Kudos to our insurance company for being over communicative!)  The sad thing is that we had planned on doing these things in the spring/summer when the weather is much more conducive to outside work.  But we need to appease them, so we're moving our time table up to now.

According to the insurance we need to install a railing for our garage "deck" and have the chimney mortar addressed.  I had my favorite handy-man come out to the house today to give us an estimate on the railing.  The hope is that he can install a functional railing that can be reused when it comes time to build the deck later in the spring.  The funny part is that the door upstairs and potential for a deck is what sold this house.  When were first looking for a home, I wasn't interest in having an attached garage.  However, being able to have a private space to drink hot tea and grade or have a quiet beer with hubby sounded awesome.  We wouldn't have even looked at this house if it wasn't for this door.

The chimney is a bit more frustrating though because nothing is functionally wrong with it.  Yes, it is an old chimney that has probably seen better days, but for insurance purposes this shouldn't be an issue.  On the upside, I'll have whomever when choose to do the chimney remove the old-school television antenna while they are at it.  At least once the chimney is redone I'll be able to add it to our growing list of upgrades.  Plus, we won't need to deal with it for the foreseeable future.  Yay for adventures and learning new things!


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    1. I know, right?! I just wonder how the previous owner got away without have the railing.