Monday, November 5, 2012

My Little Brother's Wedding

On Sunday, October 28th my younger brother married his fiance in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by many of their friends and family.  Unfortunately, I was too busy experiencing the wedding to take any photos so we'll have to wait until the photographer gets back to us.  

Right when we got off the plane it was time to go to the rehearsal dinner.  My mom and uncle picked us up from the airport and we headed to our hotel to freshen up for the evening.  The rehearsal dinner was held at an Italian restaurant called Bugatti's.  It seemed like a pretty nice restaurant, although we didn't see much of it since we we're in the banquet room.  Everyone enjoyed their cheese-laden meals, while I had grilled salmon and steamed veggies.  I'm glad that the restaurant was able to cater to my issues, especially after I called them to confirm and they said that they couldn't do much for me.  Doug saved the day on this one since I didn't have time to eat after getting off the plane and I was super hungry.

All of my siblings, except for my brother in Germany, were at the dinner.  It was nice to have us all in the same place for the first time in two years.  Hopefully, we can keep having family get togethers at regular intervals.  After dinner we were able to mingle with some of the other guests.  I spent a lot of my time catching up with my brothers and talking to two of the groomsmen.  It turned out well.

The next day we decided to get out of the hotel go do something as a family.  I rented a Ford Explorer (keep in mind my daily driver is an itty-bitty Chevy Aveo) and we all piled in for a trip to the Dallas zoo.  I had a blast at the zoo.  My favorite part -- after enduring the bug exhibit and the reptile house -- was the cat exhibit.  We saw the most beautiful and angry cougar you can possibly imagine.  He was definitely not a happy camper, which doesn't surprise me since there were tons of loud kids running around in costumes all over the place.  It would have made me cranky too if the kids were so gosh darn cute.

So, other than our horrific plane experiences, the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and zoo went well.  I guess you can say, "Mission Accomplished!"


  1. Adorable pictures!!! I'm so glad you got to be there. I would love the zoo trip, no doubt. Wouldn't it have been fun to go to the Humane Society there? I'll be Dallas has plenty of sights to see. I hope you'll share some of the pics from the wedding. love, mom

  2. I never enjoyed zoos as a child, it's only as I've gotten older that animals fill me with wonderment :) Wifey was a good sport putting up with the "Bug Hut" too!