Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Eating with SuddenlySusan

Credit: AMSmith
Let's just be real.  I am a fan of eating.  It's my favorite thing to do.  I love buying ingredients, making tasty meals, and eating them.  And it turns out that SuddenlySusan likes to eat as much as I do.  During her visit we ate until we couldn't eat any more.  Thank goodness we went for walks every day.

On the first night of her trip, hubby and I took her to our favorite burger spot.  It's a tiny restaurant down the street that serves the most delightful burgers.  My favorite thing to get is a build-your-own burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, and thousand island dressing.  It tastes just like an In-and-Out burger.  Since moving to the Midwest, I've been searching for a burger that would fill that craving and this one hits the spot every time.  Both mom and hubby got specialty burgers.  The names of their burgers escape me now, but they said that they were very tasty.

The second day we had hubby's french toast with homemade bread and fresh strawberries for breakfast.  My hubby makes the most delicious french toast.  For lunch, we went to a local diner.  This is one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants that will simply knock your socks off.  The kitchen is right in the middle of the restaurant and you can see and smell every dish being prepared.  After lunch, we went to the chocolatier next door and picked up desert.  Yummy!  For dinner that night we made fajitas at home with homemade flat bread.  For desert, we had homemade raspberry sorbet.  Everything turned out super well.

The next morning, I made pancakes while hubby made bacon.  As usual, hubby had to make the entire continuum of bacon as I like my bacon to be floppy and mom likes her bacon to be crispy.  He's such a good sport about making everyone's bacon the way that they like it.  For lunch, we went to a local restaurant called Meat.  You guessed it, they serve BBQ meat.  We had slow-cooked brisket, pulled pork, hot wings, and a hot link.  All of it was absolutely amazing!  After running around all day, none of us were particularly interested in dinner, so we had sorbet.

The next day we took it a little easy in the food department.  It was the last day of mom's trip and the leftovers were starting to overflow.  So, we decided to have leftover pancakes for breakfast since I had made a double batch the day before.  Then we packed a picnic lunch with our Meat leftovers and some dried fruit and some apples.  Finally, we ordered pizza from our local delivery place and called it an evening.

Looking back at mom's trip, it's a wonder that we didn't all gain five to ten pounds.  I'm happy to report that my pants still fit and that the leftovers have all been eaten.  It was super fun showing mom some of our favorite places to eat and to adventure with her.  

If somebody is visiting you for just a few days, where would you take them to eat?


  1. I'm pretty sure I DID gain pounds. Good memories and for the record, I had a bacon burger with an onion ring on it slatherd with some bbq sauce. Oh so good! I can't say which was my favorite because those were all great meals.

    I would take you to our very favorite Thai restaurant called Emerald of Siam. We've tried other places but always go back to this one. We also have a love for Vietnamese food and have found two great places here. My favorite places are hole-in-the-walls. You can keep your corporate America Applebee's and Chili's. Eat local!!!

  2. No favorite place here yet. I usually cook at home. Papa Murphys do have a very good thin crust chicken garlic alfredio I found. But if you do come to this area I am sure you will never go hungry. BTW..last night I fixed bing cherry julbiee from my canning stock.