Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Spice Containers

Sometimes I truly wonder what I did in my previous lifetimes to deserve such a kind, patient man for my husband.  Throughout the summer I rummaged through all of our belongings and decluttered, rearranged the furniture in our apartment at least three times, and most recently I set my sights on organizing the pantry.  He has taken all of this in stride and repeatedly assured me that I haven't gone "too far."  Luckily, hubby (and the kitties) are secure in their knowledge that they will not be decluttered.

The first set in "Project Pantry" was to tackle the ridiculously overstocked shelf that we refer to as the spice rack.  I have been searching for a new way to store our spices that doesn't take up real estate on the counter top and that doesn't look like a cluttered mess.  After much googling, I came across the idea of storing the spices in a tin and "sticking" it to the refrigerator with magnets.  It seems like a great idea to me because then my spices will be portable in future moves and all of the jars will match.  (I'm a little obsessed with making things match as hubby can attest to.)  Now, there are several websites that are willing to sell me stainless steel magnetic jars for a fee.  However, who really wants to pay $3 - $7 for a metal tin?  Not this lady!

Going Clockwise:  (TL) The dreaded spice rack; (ML) Glue gun and magnets ready for action; (TR)  Three magnets glued to the bottom; (BR) First filled jar; (BM) Jar with lid; (BL) Jar attached to side of refidgerateo; (Center) Mostly finished project. (Credit: AMSmith)

So, hubby and I went to our local craft store and bought metal tins and magnets.  We already had a glue gun and extra glue sticks at home.  The store didn't have enough tins stocked for me to complete the entire project, but getting the first seven done was a good start.  For about $30 (total) and an hour of my time, I was able to create a cute and functional way to store my spices.

I'm not sure what I'm going to use the existing spice rack/shelving for after the project is done.  Any ideas?


  1. I think, because you like things to match, I would buy some little containers (probably can get from craft store) and fill them with stuff like cinnamon sugar, sprinkles for cupcakes, and other odds and ends kind of things that aren't really refridgerator worthy. I love the fridge storage idea and I've thought about doing it but not sure my hubby would be on board with it. He buys too much stuff in large containers but I could always transfer it. I certainly think the tins fit in with a minimalist lifestyle!

    1. Hubby likes to buy stuff in bulk too! I usually try to keep enough in easy reach and store the rest up on the shelves that I can't get to without standing on the counter-top. That way the storage space is used, but I don't need to risk bodily harm getting to it very often.

      I think I'm going to get plastic bins that can be stacked and labeled for the rest of the pantry. Right now, there isn't a rhyme or reason as to why some things are where they are.