Monday, August 6, 2012

The Henry Ford Museum and the Titanic Exhibit

Hubby and I went to the Henry Ford Museum with my mom and little sister to see the Titanic Exhibit.  We couldn't resist checking out the rest of the museum while we were there and it was super neat.

Little Sister, Hubby, Me
Right when you walk inside the museum, you are confronted by the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and the smell of cooking hot dogs from the cafe right next to it.  We were able to resist the hot dogs, but of course I had to have a picture in front of the Weinermobile.  It turns out that this is a popular photo opportunity for families, so we were very lucky to be able to get a picture without people walking through.

Then we went through an exhibit that shows the development of furniture throughout time.  It was pretty neat to see the different materials used to make furniture that went beyond wood and fabric. For example, one of the chairs that we saw was made out of bone.  I'm not sure how comfortable this chair is -- something tells me that ninja monkeys would fall from the sky if I tried to sit in it -- but it does look pretty uncomfortable.

It was finally time for us to go to the Titanic exhibit.  Unfortunately, cameras and cell phones were not permitted to be used inside the exhibit.  It was really neat though.  My favorite area was the room showing the differences between the various classes.  As a passenger on the Titanic you could be assigned to First, Second, or Third class depending on how much you paid for your accommodations.  The most expensive suites on the ship cost $90,000 (in today's money).  That's pretty extravagant.  Part of the exhibit is getting biographical cards of people who were on the ship.  Justin's person was one of the people to stay in the $90k suite.  Needless to say, he survived the tragedy that was the Titanic sinking.  I had a 14-year-old girl who was watching her brother in third class.  Both of them survived.  Unfortunately, my little sister's person, from second class, didn't make it.  Having that extra connection to the exhibit was really neat.  Going into it, I thought that my person wouldn't make it because of her class status and knowing that most of the third class didn't make it out.  I was pleasantly surprised that she did.

The last exhibit that we saw was, by far, the neatest in regards to being applicable to my daily life.  We went to the Dymaxion House.  In my excitement, I forgot to take pictures.  So check out what it looks like at the link.  The Dymaxion House is an 1100 square foot, 2 bedroom, one bathroom house that was created in the 1940s as affordable, modular housing.  I was pretty jazzed to be walking around it.  As we were walking out, my mom says to me, "But there isn't any storage space.  Who would want to live there?"  I told her that some people don't need storage space and that the house was almost double the size of my current apartment.  We definitely have a different idea of the amount of space needed to live.


  1. The Titanic exhibit sounds awesome! Don't see EVERYTHING before I come to visit!

    1. Don't worry! I think we're going to try to keep us within an hour of home for when you come to visit. That means Detroit is out. :)

      The Henry Ford is about 10 minutes from my mom's house and she has a membership, so we get to go for free whenever we want. It's pretty neato.