Monday, August 13, 2012

One Month without FB

Today is my celebration of one full month without Facebook.  I am happily surprised to say that I don't miss Facebook in the slightest.  Sure, I have had to make a few minor adjustments in my life (Like de-FBing my phone and loosing a bunch of contact information).  Overall, things are looking up.

A small recap of what I've accomplished in the last month:

  1. Started a blog and made a habit of responding to every comment.  
  2. Made lots of decluttering progress.  (Although the Smith 150 Thing Challenge is ongoing.)
  3. Spent more quality time with hubby.
  4. Churned through 1/4 of the reading list for my area exam.  
  5. Finished prepping the first half of my fall class.
That isn't everything that I have gotten done, just the things that I'm most happy with at the moment.  Of course there are still some things that I would like to complete before school starts in a few weeks, so I'm going to make a big push to get them done.

Life without Facebook has been simpler, if a little frustrating some times.  Hubby will say, "I posted this on FB, but let me show you on your computer since you're not on FB."  Or one of my friends will say, "I have a hard time calling or texting you because I never know if you're busy or not.  At least when you were on FB, I  knew that you could chat."  I'm not dead, I'm just not on FB.  Feel free to drop me an email or a text anytime!


  1. It's been a whole month? Well, I followed you about the week after so I guess I get to celebrate next week.

    Don't get sucked in by your friends' comments! I have friends that say similar things.

    Look, the whole world is NOT on FB, contrary to what it seems. I've given it a lot of thought and for today I'm not going back. I can always change my mind later but I've done a lot other things too, rather than sit and stare at the screen, waiting for something meaningful to show up.

    Love your blog! It's thoughtful!!! You really don't get that on FB.

    love, mom

    1. That's my take on it too. I can change my mind if I want, but right now this is working for me. I'm glad that you like the blog. The format has taken some getting used to, but I like that I can write as much as I want (although I do try to keep it reasonable).

  2. I also love your feels more like you are talking and although I dont respond to all the bogs I do read them...It is nice to get a personal view of what is happin in the Smithland.

    1. Smithland... I like that. I may play around with that a bit. Although, after googling it to see if anyone else already had that name, it looks like Smithland is a town in Kansas. Weird.

      I'm glad that you like the blog!

  3. I had to get caught back up with your blog. I am happy to see that all the things here are conversations that we have had in person. Perhaps too much emphasis is placed on FB on my part. This is still great to read because it feels like an extention of our conversations.

    1. Well, you and I talk quite a bit so it doesn't surprise me that what I write about here isn't always news to you. :)

      BTW, my writing style here is a reflection of my academic writing style (slightly different though). I like a conversational tone when I write because who really wants to read a bunch of third person garbly gook?